East Front carpet bedding – the results!

Earlier in the summer, I wrote a blog about the four carpet bedding schemes we had planted in the East Front to celebrate the Year of the Garden here at Hampton Court Palace. The designs were taken from a book by Nathan Cole, published in 1877, called ‘Royal Parks and Gardens of London’.  The book records that these very designs were planted here at Hampton Court, so it was wonderful to be able to replicate them nearly 140 year later.



Because the beds are made up of thousands of tiny plants it takes several weeks before they establish and form a pattern or design. During August, a cherry picker is hired in order to cut the huge yew trees on the East Front and Steve Warren, a member of the gardening team, took the opportunity to photograph the beds in their full glory. A lovely record for the archives, as like all bedding, it is soon to be ripped out and replaced with something new.



Jane Hinnigan, Craft Gardener, East Front

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