Unusual objects in our collections

2013_13_12_L GibbsAt Historic Royal Palaces we have many objects in store from furniture and archaeology to 1950’s paraphernalia, all telling the stories of the history of our palaces. This year we have been reviewing the contents of all of our stores which has given us the opportunity to share some of our finds with the other staff at Historic Royal Palaces. We have done this by offering an ‘object of the month’ showing two objects with an interesting story and asking staff to choose one. The results are then published on the Intranet. Some of the objects can be a challenge to photograph!

Take this as an example: Choose an ice saw that is very long (6ft) and heavy. Find two willing helpers who don’t mind the freezing conditions of our stores and give them some colour coordinated protective gloves. Then try to get far enough away to capture both the whole object and the conservators’ smiles!  Laurie Gibbs, Preventive Conservator

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