Tudor Tapestries Environmental Research

Welcome to this, the first in a series of blog posts where we will be sharing information on our long-term research project into the environmental  management of the wonderful and historic collection of Tudor tapestries on display at Hampton Court Palace.

We are launching this to coincide with British Science week and will be posting regularly on the steps involved in the planning and delivery of a comprehensive environmental programme which will establish the conservation risks conditions to each tapestry using state of the art monitoring and mapping techniques.

We will also tell you how this scientific evidence can influence the development of on-site mitigation plans to protect these magnificent tapestries and ensure that our visitors can enjoy them in the spaces for which they were made 500 years ago.

Over the past five years we have had many opportunities to build strong collaborations with a number of external partners on fascinating topics such as developing a non-invasive analytical tool for historic tapestries, 3D laser scanning, monitoring tapestries’ response to environmental changes, modelling dust deposition and monitoring microbiological risks.

We hope the knowledge and methodologies we have developed during this project will be beneficial not only to our organisation but to colleagues facing similar challenges.

Constantina Vlachou PhD. Conservation Scientist, Historic Royal Palaces

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