A 100-word story: View from the top!

HCP QAC Tcanopy with scaffold 1Every two years the beds and canopies of Hampton Court are cleaned and inspected. This is not as easy as it sounds as many are extremely tall. The most challenging for us is the Queen’s Audience Chamber Throne Canopy which stands a staggering six metres high and triggers my vertigo! The canopy was erected in 1715 and, secured by two gigantic iron rods, has stood safely here at Hampton Court ever since.When I finally reach the top of the scaffold gripping my pony hair brush in my sweaty palm, I always take a moment to look at the view and to think how lucky I am to see the room from this unique perspective.  Branwen Roberts, textile conservator.

One thought on “A 100-word story: View from the top!

  • Pleas, please, please, take a camera and a few snaps next time you have to climb your wibbly, wobbly tower and take that look at the view – some of use would love the chance to be up there with our cameras.

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